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Traitement de l'hyperplasie bénigne de la prostate pour les hommes canadiens

About BPH Canada

Welcome to the BPH Canada clinic. We offer state-of-the-art benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment for Canadian men. Our Montreal clinic serves patients from all provinces and territories with rapid access to private care. Contact us now for a consultation. No referral is required.

Our Mission

BPH Canada is a comprehensive, personalized BPH surgical center offering Canadian men rapid access to all BPH surgical modalities, including some that are not available within provincial health care programs.

Our mission is to provide Canadian men with a range of effective BPH interventions including innovative therapies and technologies – without the constraints imposed by provincial health plans.

We serve men from coast to coast at our Montreal clinic with rapid access to private BPH care. Simply request an appointment by phone or form and meet with our doctor for a consultation and assessment at your earliest convenience.

Innovative BPH Therapies

Our clinic focuses on surgical treatments for BPH, including new and minimally-invasive surgical therapies (MIST).

The therapies we provide may change over time as new options become available – in line with our mission to offer Canadian men a range of effective BPH interventions including innovative therapies and technologies.

Our Doctor

Dr. Kevin Zorn leads the BPH Canada clinic. Your first visit will be for a consultation with Dr. Zorn.

Dr. Zorn is a world-renowned surgeon and scientist in the field of urology who continues to make significant contributions to urological education, research and clinical BPH services. He founded the BPH Canada clinic to offer rapid access to innovative BPH care for all Canadian men.

Dr. Zorn was the first in Canada and Québec to use many new BPH technologies including Greenlight XPS, Rezum, iTind, Optilume, Aquablation, Zenflow and Urocross.

As an attending urologist, he has cultivated a clinical and research interest in localised prostate cancer, robotic surgery (over 3500 robotic prostatectomy cases performed), artificial intelligence, men’s health, sexual dysfunction and BPH.

Le Dr Kevin Zorn, médecin expérimenté et mondialement reconnu

Consultation and BPH Treatment

Please contact us now to schedule your BPH treatment consultation. No referral is necessary.

Most patients will have a consultation appointment with Dr. Zorn in Montreal, and diagnostic testing will generally take place on the same visit to our clinic. Treatment will be scheduled for a second clinic visit, in most cases.

Please contact us by phone or form with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

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