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Traitement de l'hyperplasie bénigne de la prostate pour les hommes canadiens

PhalloFILL® - Penile Enhancement

A new solution to enhance size. PhalloFILL® is a male enlargement treatment that combines different techniques to offer optimal aesthetic results compared to other providers. It is a leading treatment option with over 20 years of aesthetic excellence.
This enhancement is a safe and reliable method for non-surgical circumference enhancement. It has become the gold standard in this field because it uses a hyaluronic acid-based filler that is 100% natural to the body. Unlike other methods, these fillers complement the existing anatomical features of the shaft without hindering its functionality. This ensures that the enhancement is natural-looking and does not affect normal functioning.
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How does PhalloFILL® work?

The enhancement procedure utilizes a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler approved by Health Canada.

This type of filler has been proven to be both safe and effective for increasing volume. The enhancement technique focuses on improving the area’s circumference and involves a series of two or more treatments, each lasting around 30 minutes.

After careful consultation with the trained and accredited PhalloFILL® injector, the patient will receive a local anesthetic around the desired injection area to avoid discomfort or pain during the procedure. Depending on the patient’s anatomy, the injector proceeds with dermal filler injections, injecting 4 to 6 units per session. Additional units can be injected at the injector’s discretion for higher anatomies. Once the injections have been performed, patients are fitted with a compression garment, which they must wear for the duration of the treatment. It is essential to abstain from sexual intercourse as determined by the provider, based on the individual’s anatomy.

Dr. Zorn has obtained advanced training in Dallas, Texas and Miami, Florida since 2023, and has become the national Canadian provider for Phallofill® treatment.


Our accredited PhalloFILL® injector applies local anaesthesia around the injection area. The injector then administers 4 to 6 filling units per session. After the injections, a compression garment is worn for the duration of the treatment. Avoid sexual activity and self-pleasuring for 7 to 10 days, as advised by the provider, based on the individual’s anatomy.


The entire process will take roughly 30 minutes. The injections take about 15 minutes, and the procedure is complete.


Well tolerated. You may feel a pinching or pressure sensation. A numbing cream Is applied to the genital area.


There is NO social downtime; patients must refrain from sex and self-pleasuring for about a week and wear a compression sleeve as directed.

Side effects

Side effects after treatment may include a short period of swelling, bruising, or both. This subsides within a few days.
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Penis fillers are designed to enhance your sexual experience and not detract from it. Therefore, most impacts are positive, ranging from increased satisfaction to stronger erections.

There are no long-term negative impacts of fillers on the function of your penis or sex life. The procedure will not negatively affect erections or urination, and the penis will continue to function normally. The only change that will occur is increased girth size when flaccid and erect.

In the short term, it is advisable to wait for the filler to fully set and the injection sites to fully recover before resuming sexual activity. Penis fillers are considered to be a non-invasive and low-risk treatment. Common side effects include minor bruising for up to 1-2 weeks. Rare complications may have an impact on your sex life and may cause delays. However, it is worth noting that dermal fillers are fully reversible.

Safe Penile Enhancement

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From Our Doctor

“Over the past 20 years in urology, I have always sought to deliver the highest quality of medical and surgical treatments, be it in diagnostic urology or surgical prostate treatments – all while offering men the opportunities to optimize quality of life and sexual functions. In that light, after discovering PhalloFILL® from other academic experts, I took measures to acquire the skills to bring this procedure north of the border to Canada. With now over 20 global providers, PhalloFILL® is a safe, well proven, time tested, progressive enhancement technique that ensures penile girth enhancement coupled with a post-procedure unique standard that helps achieve reproducible outcomes for men. With PhalloFILL® girth treatments, my patients can expect a quick (~30 minutes per treatment), customizable, relatively painless, effective procedure that delivers exceptional results and boosts sexual confidence and overall performance. I am very grateful to offer cutting-edge aesthetic solutions for men, particularly those desiring girth enhancement using the advanced PhalloFILL® approach. ” – Dr. Kevin C. Zorn, MD, FACS, FRCSC



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