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Traitement de l'hyperplasie bénigne de la prostate pour les hommes canadiens


Leaking from urinary incontinence? Now, there’s a way to stop worrying about the discomfort, mess, and inconvenience of using and disposing of pads, diapers, and briefs.

Get back to life with Contino, a simple device that blocks the flow of urine, without surgery. It is a novel, comfortable, and effective way to deal with bladder leakage. Rapidly reduce diaper and pad usage, regain freedom, and live with dignity within seconds of Contino insertion.

What is Contino?

The Contino urethral insert is a self-administered licensed medical device that controls bladder leakage in men.

The incontinence device physically blocks the flow of urine so that you can reduce or even eliminate your need for diapers or pads.

Contino is small, compact, and fits into a discreet case the size of an eyeglass container, so you can take fresh inserts with you and maintain an active lifestyle. No need to worry about bulky pads, potential odors, or leaks.

Contino is different from other options because it temporarily blocks the flow of urine, instead of capturing it in an adult diaper or a bag.

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Who is a Candidate for Contino?

Contino is a good treatment option for all men following prostate surgery for BPH, and especially for prostate cancer.

All men who undergo a radical prostatectomy will have several months of urinary stress incontinence. In some cases, it may be permanent. During recovery, Contino is a great option until pelvic muscles have rehabilitated with Kegel exercises and physiotherapy.

Published outcomes (age related) with regards to regaining continence recovery show that older men take longer and have less chance of full recovery.

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How Does it Work?

The Contino device blocks the flow of urine, without any surgery required.

Firstly, you will have a consultation with one of our medical professionals. They will ask you basic questions to understand if your specific type of incontinence could be managed by Contino, or if another treatment option will be better.

If the product is approved for you, our medical professional will guide you on how to use Contino. Essentially, you self-insert the Contino device into your urethra and remove it prior to urination. It is fairly easy and comfortable to use.

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With and Without Contino

How Contino Prostate Treatment Works

Contino Device

Réparez votre hypertrophie de la prostate
How Does Contino BPH treatment Work?


The Contino device blocks the flow of urine, without any surgery required.

The Contino device enables you to control when you urinate, avoiding inconvenient and embarrassing messes. You simply remove the device when you need to urinate and reinsert afterwards. It is easy, comfortable, and convenient. No adult diapers or bags required.

In comparison to other urinary incontinence products and methods, Contino has been proven to have the following benefits:

  • Clinically proven to reduce bladder leakage
  • Can be used continuously, removing only to urinate
  • Fits in pocket-sized carrying case
  • Does not require surgical intervention
  • Cleans easily with water
  • Not associated with significant ongoing discomfort or pain
  • Not associated with skin irritation or damage
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Additionally, Contino’s success is backed by science:

  • A foundational study showed Contino users have a greater than 70% average reduction in urine loss and an improvement in quality-of-life score by 4 points.
  • The study showed Contino was well-tolerated with minimal adverse events.
  • Current Contino customers usually describe a reduction of 90% or more in urine leakage and experience a quality-of-life score change of 8 points.

Effective BPH symptom relief with minimally invasive and low risk treatments.

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Contino is designed to withstand the forces applied to it during its intended use.

Under normal conditions, there is no reason to expect Contino to break. The Contino urethral insert will stretch over time and should be replaced the earlier of 30 daily uses or when it does not fit snugly with the Contino Inserter.

In the unlikely event that the urethral insert breaks and remains in your urethra – for whatever reason or circumstance – try to palpate the device out. If unsuccessful, please go to the nearest medical clinic or Emergency Department to discuss your symptoms and obtain treatment.

Contino is not intended to be used with a full or near bladder, as it may release on its own resulting in involuntary urine leakage. It is also not intended to be used during sexual intercourse.

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