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Traitement de l'hyperplasie bénigne de la prostate pour les hommes canadiens

Zorn EZ Circumcision™

Safe, effective, and a virtually painless procedure for a quick and comfortable patient experience.

At BPH Canada, Dr. Zorn and our team of dedicated specialists offer the Zorn EZ Circumcision™ – a virtually painless circumcision operation for teens and adult men.

We often ask ourselves; “Am I too old to get circumcised?” and the answer is almost invariably “no”. 

There are a number of reasons why men may choose to get circumcised at an adult age. Some require circumcision as a cure for conditions like phimosis (an overly tight foreskin), while others choose circumcision for cosmetic and personal reasons.

Zorn EZ Circumcision™ procedures offer patients optimal results with the least discomfort.


The Zorn EZ Circumcision™ offers a safe and effective way for you to get your circumcision done.

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How Does it Work?

The Zorn EZ Circumcision™ procedure for adolescents and adult men offers optimal results with the least discomfort.

The Zorn EZ Circumcision™ is an outpatient procedure that is performed to remove the excess foreskin overlying the glans penis, and for the reconstruction of the skin edges to allow for optimal healing. 

Having a circumcision will NOT affect your libido, your ability to get or maintain erections, or fertility. 


To begin the procedure, the patient is positioned on their back to expose the genital area. 


Local anesthesia is used to ensure there is no pain whatsoever during the procedure. 

The anesthesia used is composed of two steps.

  • Firstly, the Xylocaine / Tetracaine cream is placed over the glands and the foreskin. It starts working within 10 minutes and lasts 3-4 hours. It penetrates at least 2-3 mm under the tissues.
  • The second step involves the Xylocaine injection, which is used for the deeper tissue.

Incision and Removal of Excess Skin

Prior to making any incisions, a marking pen is used to circumscribe the proximal area to cut. The foreskin is retracted to expose the glans penis. The incision itself requires two circular incisions to help with the removal of the superficial skin overlying the glans tissue.

The base of the small defect area is then assessed for any bleeding called hemostasis. Once the tissue has been removed, it is sent off to pathology for analysis. 


The reconstruction begins on the undersurface of the penis to assure a nice alignment. An absorbable Vicryl suture is used, which absorbs within 6-8 weeks. 

A medical-grade, waterproof Dermabond glue is applied to support the wound, reduce infection, and reduce dehissence. 

A compressive dressing is then placed to the wound for 48 hours. This reduces the risk of bleeding or the formation of a hematoma.


A Zorn EZ Circumcision™ is typically completed in less than 45 minutes.


Due to the anesthetic, patients will not experience any pain throughout or after the procedure.


During the first 24 hours following the procedure, patients are advised to use cold compresses to apply pressure to the treated area. It is also recommended to avoid any physical activity.

Pain Control
For pain control, the use of anti-inflammatories, such as Advil or Motrin, is recommended. We also typically provide our patients 7 days worth of antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection. Empracet, a codeine-based medication, is recommended to reduce pain within the first 3-5 days, and for nocturnal erections.

Wound Healing
To help with wound healing and minimization of swelling, it is recommended to keep the penis upright against the abdominal wall with fitted underwear. This helps reduce any bleeding, swelling, or edema, which is the swelling tissue that could gravitate downward if the penis is not kept upright. Patients are advised to look for any signs of active bleeding or infection.

Effective treatments for male sexual health that are low risk and minimally invasive.

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Few risks are associated with the Zorn EZ Circumcision™.

Although rare, the following complications can be associated with the Zorn EZ  Circumcision™:

  • Bleeding (1%): This is the most common risk. This could either occur as a small hematoma discoloring the foreskin beneath the surgical site, or a very large expanding hematoma. Potential treatments include compression within the first 48 hours following the procedure, natural absorption, or surgical exploration.
  • Infection (0.5%): This would present several days following the surgery. It could include expanding redness, puss, or fever. Infection should be treated immediately with antibiotics and wound care. 
  • Wound dehiscence (0.5%): This is also known as the separation of skin edges. This could occur at the undersurface of the penis where the skin is the thinnest. This usually occurs several days after the procedure due to the erections at nighttime. Applying an ice pack can help with detumescence. 
  • Redundant foreskin (0.4%): This occurs when not enough foreskin is removed, leading to puffier distal penis. 
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